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We are not only bringing amazing art to the table but projects with utility, rarity that will cater for all our investors. This is just one of many projects we aim to do. Each project will be different & have its own utility that it brings to the table. We hope to educate & expand knowledge and use of NFT’s, Crypto, Web3 & the metaverse. We also aim to make a difference in the world with supportive functions & charities.

What makes us Different?

Most NFT projects revolve around typical hype and mint process. They tend to follow suit and trends from the crypto market. This usually means they have crazy spikes & hyped market trends, with also very big sell-offs and dips. Everything is extreme & amplified in comparison to the standard markets so very risky to navigate.

Usually, NFT projects are expected to have huge hype and an instant sell-out within a very short space of time. This approach coupled with current markets makes the success rate much more challenging.

Markets in the crypto world have started to change and so NFT’s follow this trend. Markets are starting to level out. Although there are substantial gains & dips, they are over time becoming less. So what used to be 1000x becomes 100x and eventually 10x and so on.

This then starts to settle and follow other older market trends (as they become more popular and more people jump on board).

This brings us to the sale of NFT’s. In a typical market, if you sell an item eg. a pair of pants, you don’t expect to sell all your stock overnight and sales progress over time and scale up gradually. Why should NFT’s not work this way too? Gradual sales with a long-term sustainability model, as opposed to a hyped, buy-and-sell-as-quickly-as-you-can model.

We aim to achieve a long term more sustainable project by slowing the pace down and ramping up gradually with a more stable long-term model.

This can be achieved by implementing smaller controlled mint batches; a great dedicated community; gradual advancements; and a healthy mix of both organic and paid growth. As well as close monitoring and adaptation of markets.

The Specs.

This no “Boring” story and we not “ape’ing”around. The year is 2800 A.D. Planet X, a “quirkie” alien planet with similarities to earth had been under attack. With a population fleeing from the war and certain destruction in large spaceships.

A number of scientists took herds of every animal on the largest spaceship known as the Ark. Each heard of animal type were kept in their own pen to avoid them “punking” around.

The Ark had sustained damage from the attack while leaving the planet’s atmosphere. The area that was badly damaged was the section where the main laboratory, Rhino and Gorilla pens were adjacent to each other. Some experiments were compromised, causing some of the Rhinos and Gorillas to mutate and genetically fuse together with enhanced features and unique traits.

Roadmap activations

Phase 1 (Building Phase)

  • ▪︎Building & growth socials channels
    ▪︎Building audience & community 
    ▪︎Initial development of the project phase 1
    ▪︎Start of development of marketing agency for profit share
    ▪︎Ama and community votes
    ▪︎Art work & adjustments to contracts 
    ▪︎Development & changes to the websites 

Phase 2

  • ▪︎Boosting of project 
    ▪︎Some more fine adjustments to development of the project
    ▪︎Giveaways & rewards (in preparation of 1st mint)
    ▪︎Final adjustments to mint contracts

Phase 3

  • 50% of Funds will go into holding for:
    ▪︎Utility (designing & boosting of marketing agency for profit share to holders, potential P2E game)
    ▪︎Community funds reserve 
    ▪︎Building of the project medium to long term
    ▪︎Future Marketing
    ▪︎Giveways & rewards 
  • Remaining 50%:
    ▪︎Current marketing
     ▪︎Staff remuneration 
    ▪︎Running costs 
    ▪︎Holders profit share
    ▪︎Development of project in short term 

Phase 4

    • ▪︎ Update to use use or holding funds
      ▪︎Next phase of project & updates announced

Bonus Edition 1

 Sale of 1/1 of kind Art works or Prototype project NFT’s (made pre-launch) & Limited-edition art works.

Release of +-5 to 10 (To be decided)

Road Map 2 – Edition 3 – Launch of an exclusive Silverback Rhino mint 1500-2500 (To be finalise as roadmap 1 develops)

On going support & development of the project & investment analysis

#Notes: The above roadmap maybe adjusted from time to time. We need to stay flexible to market changes to ensure best outcome in line with the project to give our investors & community the best value we can at the current point in time.

Something to look forward to

You not just buying some really cool & unique art with a great story line!

It’s has utility plans & a passive income potential to make them even more valuable. The longer your NFT exists, the more passive income they will earn & the more they will become worth.

Option/phase 1

Passive income to be earned from shares in a digital NFT/crypto marketing company.
A percentage of shares will be allocated to all NFT holders.

As the agency grows so will the value of your share. This can be implemented from point 2. This will be at 50% on our roadmap.

Option/phase 2

A P2E mobile game. This will NOT be one of the typical quick Lego, Sandbox/Minecraft type vibes but rather an addictive mobile game that can be played by everyone.

Only NFT holders will benefit fully from a passive income (although it will be played by many on mobile).

As the players on mobile community grow, so will your passive income.

We can only achieve that start of this beta model development from point 4. This will be at 100% of our roadmap, where some new touches will be reinforced on roadmap 2.

The more community you bring in the higher the value of your NFT & passive income… #justsaying so why wait?

You’ll also be passively contributing hugely to charity & making a difference. What a great feeling to have knowing you will be putting back into a good cause & nature.

Our Team

Eazyman... the Brawn & Brains.... leading the digital age with his art while backing the General J on all his propaganda & their commands.
The General in command of the Silverbackrhinos herd - strong investment background with a hint of crypto powers. Leading the way in propaganda at the helmet of the project core & a rugged tooth.
The B-Dawg Don. Drawing his way through the metaverse. Keen crypto enthusiasts with some mad skillz.

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